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Pupil Premium

'The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.


For more information about pupil premium please visit the GOV.UK website:

Pupil Premium Information | GOV.UK

Pupil Premium Allocation At Our School

12 pupils (11%) were eligible for free school meals in the 2016/17 academic year.


The school received a grant of £15840.


These pupils made similar rates of progress to others in their learning of Maths, Writing and Reading across the year. Some made rapid progress, especially with their Writing and Reading. Their attendance was much better than their peers nationally. Significant progress was obvious in emotional, behavioural and social development. This is a happy group of pupils who engage well with school life and learning.


Pupil Premium Summary Strategy for 2017-2018


The estimated grant is £17160.


The main barriers to pupils making progress this year are mainly related to self-esteem and confidence as learners. In addition, there are some challenging personal individual needs.


A part of the grant will be used to fund action research with other schools to help assign mathematical confidence to some pupils. Their confidence and strategies with Maths will be tracked and judged using pupil interviews as well as using the school tracking systems.  


Money is allocated to additional teaching hours. Sessions will run 3 mornings a week for the length of the year to help Year 6 children catch up and prepare for secondary school. Other sessions will run once a week during the school day when targeted pupils will receive interventions to help them catch up in writing primarily.


A Nature School is part resourced and led by a qualified Teaching Assistant that aims to raise self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm as well as a love of real learning.


Money is allocated to funding participation in clubs, both in term and holiday time, as a means of developing self-esteem and increasing capacity for families.


These pupils are targeted for intervention, monitored and reviewed half termly on teachers’ provision maps. They are also tracked and monitored centrally by the Headteacher.


A staff and governor appointed champion have roles to challenge the Headteacher to ensure these pupils have a successful year.


A review of this strategy takes place half termly and is reported to governors. An annual review of impact is published on the website.