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Pupil Premium

'The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.


For more information about pupil premium please visit the GOV.UK website:

Pupil Premium Information | GOV.UK

Pupil Premium Allocation At Our School

Pupil Premium Strategy


Outcomes for 2017-2018

11 pupils were eligible for free school meals in the 2017/18 academic year. The school received a grant of £19,580. 5 other pupils had previously received the premium (Ever6) and were included in the school provision and tracking.


Because mathematical confidence was a barrier to some of these children’s learning, a part of the grant was used to fund a maths project with other schools. Children with low confidence were highlighted as key individuals and as such had a more personalised learning experience including pre-teaching and assigned roles in class. This had a very positive impact. Progress was more rapid by the end of Year 6 in Maths than in other subjects. Target pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 developed tangible increased confidence to ask questions and show resilience when tackling mathematical problems.


Another barrier to learning was children’s low self-esteem. Money invested in Nature School, funding of clubs and buying school uniform made a big difference to these children as judged by half termly pupil interviews, observations in class, application to work, less behavioural concerns, success in the class and the pride shown in their work outcomes and presentation.


Money was also allocated to funding an extra teacher for additional maths and reading teaching for the Year 6 as this was a larger than usual group. Outcomes by the end of Year 6, book reviews and pupil interviews proved this to be an effective allocation of resource.


Money spent on a term’s writing intervention for Year 5 was effective. All 3 of the pupil premium made at least expected progress with 1 making rapid progress across the year. During the term’s intervention, progress in books was clearly evident.


As always, a significant part of our pupil premium strategy was to ensure these individuals were highlighted for additional teacher input each half term on the provision maps. This is an effective way of ensuring these children have a continued emphasis.


Excellent outcomes by the end of Year 6 for a group of 5 pupils is good evidence of our successful strategy and spending over the longer term:

  • 100% achieved the expected standard in Maths, Reading and Writing, and 20% achieved the higher standard.

  • Attainment was higher than those who didn’t receive the pupil premium in school and nationally, and progress was in-line.



Strategy for 2018-2019


12 pupils are being support by additional pupil premium funding, anticipated at £15,840.


The main barrier to pupils making progress this year is in relation to their confidence as learners. An additional barrier is challenging personal circumstances.


The strategy this year:

  • employ an additional teacher to enable smaller group teaching focussing on individual needs and building their confidence

  • invest in more support staff to support smaller group sizes and personalised programmes in and out of class as part of the provision mapping process

  • fund family interventions

  • fund school and holiday clubs

  • use the Timid to Tiger programme to reduce anxiety levels


These pupils are always at the heart of what we do. They are targeted for intervention and monitored and reviewed half termly on teachers’ provision maps. They are also tracked and monitored centrally by the Headteacher.


A review of this strategy’s impact takes place half termly and is reported to governors. An annual review of impact is published on the website.