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Slade Lane,  Abbotskerswell, Newton Abbot,  Devon,  TQ12 5NS


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Information about the roles and responsibilities of the staff at Abbotskerswell Primary School.


Mr Kevin Martin      


Roles & Responsibilities | Safeguarding, E-Safety, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Appraisals, Trips, Secondary Liaison & Curriculum




Mr Graham Lawrence


Mr Ryan Chidler


Mrs Lyndsey Kerswell


Miss Lisa Walsh


Mrs Ann Williams




Puffin Class | Main Teacher | Monday - Friday


Robin Class | Main Teacher | Monday - Friday


Swift Class | Monday - Wednesday


Swift Class | Thursday - Friday


Kingfisher Class | Monday - Thursday



Roles & Responsibilities


Early Years, NQT/Student Mentor, Computing & Website




Science & Maths


Safeguarding, SENDCO & Thrive


English & Music



Teaching Assistants

School Administrator

School Servery

Sports Coach


Teaching Assistant


Mrs Nicky Cutts



Miss Rosie Downham



Mrs Juliet Harper



Mrs Jan Ray



Mrs Paula Simmons


Mrs Rachel Johns



Puffin Class | Tuesday - Friday

Swift Class | Monday


Puffin Class | Monday

Robin Class | Wednesday am


Swift Class | Wednesday

Kingfisher Class | Thursday & Friday


Swift Class | Monday - Friday



Kingfisher Class | Monday - Wednesday


Robin Class | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Other Roles


Mealtime Assistant & Lego Therapy



Administration, Breakfast Club and Activity Club



Mealtime Assistant



Thrive, Breakfast Club, Mealtime Assistant, Lunchtime Play Organiser & PE Teaching Assistant


Breakfast Club, School Garden, Maypole & Mealtime Assistant


Lead Teaching Assistant


Mrs Marie Farrelly | Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Mrs Natalie Pottinger | Monday - Friday

Mr Max Gillard | Wednesday

Activity Club

Miss Rosie Downham | Tuesday & Thursday


Mrs Sharon Downham | Tuesday & Thursday                

Mr Terry Morris

Music Lessons

Mrs Mary Collins | Wednesday & Thursday

Sport Clubs & Holiday Clubs


School Administration Assistant

Miss Rosie Downham | Wednesday pm, Thursday & Friday

Extra Curricular

Nature School

Mrs Wendy Fordham |  Wednesday & Thursday


Meal time Assistant