Abbotskerswell Primary School

Robin Class | Year 1 and 2

The Robin Class Teachers are:
  • Mr Ryan Chidler (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Miss Lisa Walsh (Thursday and Friday)

The Robin Class Teaching Assistant is:

  • Mrs Natalie Tweedie (Monday - Friday)
  • Robin Class are also taught by Miss Clara-Joy Crawford to cover MrChidler's and Miss Walsh's PPA. They also receive a weekly Music lesson taught by Mr Ollie Stephens our school music teacher.

Class Letters & Documents

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Autumn Curriculum Letter

Box Sheet

Spelling Strategies

Tricky Words

Year 1 Box Sheet

Year 2 Box Sheet


See What We've Been Up To In Class

This half term in Computing we are introducing the children to Coding.

We have explored what coding/computer programming is and have learnt new words such as algorithm and command.

This week we put our theory into practice and began coding our own fish tank scenes. The children had to use blocks of code in a precise order to program how the fish move.