Abbotskerswell Primary School

Early Years

Our Early Years Lead is Mr Graham Lawrence. We have one class of Reception-aged children. Visit the Puffin class page to see the Early Years curriculum in action!

Puffin | Class Page 

Our Early Years Curriculum

Two key documents have been used to support the development of our entire Early Years curriculum: 

Statutory Framework For The Early Years

Development Matters

Our curriculum has been evolving over the past couple of years to ensure we provide the foundations for our whole school curriculum. 

 Here is an example from our Mathematics Overview of how we have been evolving our curriculum. We have incorporated how the Reception-aged children will develop as a 'Mathematician'; identifying the key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that they will develop at key points in the year.

mathematics overview example autumn 1.pdf


Baseline Assessments

We carry out the Reception Baseline Assessment. You can download a parents guide to the assessments here: 

Reception Baseline Assessment | Information For Parents


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