Abbotskerswell Primary School


Our History Lead is Mr Graham Lawrence.

We have a two-year rolling cycle, alternating termly between History and Geography. This allows our children to spend a significant amount of time exploring a particular aspect of the curriculum. We want our Historians to develop and embed key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will be meaningful, purposeful and rememberable. 

We have used 'Connected History' by the History Specialist 'David Weatherly' to develop our enquiry-based curriculum. We use our own locality, to bring the curriculum alive and provide first-hand experiences for the children of our school.

geography history whole school curriculum overview.pdf

Our Historians

Click on a class to see how our Historians have been exploring their Spring 2024 curriculum.

Puffin Class | Reception

The Puffins have been on a Welly Walk to look for clues about the History of the houses in our village. We found 'thatched' roofs, houses that have had extensions and lots of clues from house names. They have used construction to build homes and were challenged to add lots of features. One group wanted to create a castle as they were homes "long, long, long ago!"

Robin Class | Years 1 & 2

Robins have been researching Great Explorers!

Swift Class | Years 3 & 4

Swift have been hands on Historians through exciting fieldwork to Wildwood Devon, homework projects and building standing stones with biscuits! They have even explored a part of the stone age in their artwork.

 Kingfisher Class | Years 5 & 6

The Kingfishers have been evaluating evidence about the Trojan Horse. They have been creating replica artefacts for their own exhibition.



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