Abbotskerswell Primary School


Our Maths Lead is Mr Ryan Chidler

Maths at Abbotskerswell Primary School is taught with a mastery approach. Children take part in daily maths lessons which are planned to meet the needs of every child. Children will use concrete resources to explore new ideas and develop fluency in different areas. They will then use what they have learnt to solve problems and improve their understanding. Children will start the year by revising number and place value skills before moving on to extending their knowledge of different calculations. Throughout the academic year, children develop their understanding of fractions, measurement, geometry, and statistics and in Year 6 algebra and ratio too. We encourage parents to practice key mathematical skills at home, such as weighing, telling the time, and learning multiplication tables.

Schemes of Work

At Abbotskerswell Primary School, we currently follow the White Rose Maths Mixed Age Planning from Year 1 through to Year 6. An overview of these can be found in our useful documents.

Calculation Policy

Our calculation policy sets out how children learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide in each year group:



Useful Documents