Abbotskerswell Primary School

Our Philosophy & Values

School Philosophy

Our whole school philosophy is built around fostering happy, respectful, responsible and successful learners. As a community primary school, we are very keen to provide children with a well-rounded education that reflects the values of this country (Democracy, Rule of Law, Tolerance, Respect & Liberty) to help prepare them for the wider world.

Our Aims

1) Provide a rich, varied and memorable curriculum, inspired by stimulating teaching that enables every child to achieve excellence in all areas of school life and make the progress they are capable of.

2) Recognise the uniqueness of each individual child and nurture them and their gifts and talents.

3)Promote children's physical, emotional health and well being and develop their personal, moral, spiritual and social skills.

4) Encourage strong partnership within and across the community so that all staff, pupils, parents and community members feel welcomed, involved and included.

5) Develop an appreciation for the world in which we live, enabling all to recognise and celebrate diversity, develop tolerance and mutual respect, by encouraging children to think of others first and take an active and constructive place in society.


enjoyment, engagement, active, co-operative


friendship, compassion, honesty, tolerance, appreciation, manners


trustworthy, honest, dependable, conscientious, reliable


resourcefulness, motivated, independence, risk-taking, resilience