Abbotskerswell Primary School

Starting School

We aim to make transition from pre-school to reception a happy and smooth experience for both children and parents. To achieve this we provide a number of opportunities for children and parents to get to know the school, other children, the learning environment and the staff.

Abbotskerswell Pre-School

We work closely with Abbotskerswell Pre-school throughout the year. They visit us to watch our lower school production, our sports day and for play sessions in the classroom and playground. The Puffin staff also visit the children on a number of occasions.

Other Pre-Schools

We begin visiting children who attend other pre-schools in the summer term once we receive the admissions list from Devon County Council. Please get in touch if your child attends a different pre-school and you would like them to join in with earlier transition visits.

Applying for a Place

Please visit our admissions page for information on applying for a school place:

Admissions Page

Transition Calendar


Puffin class visit Abbotskerswell Pre-school to watch their Christmas show. Abbotskerswell Pre-school visit us to watch our Nativity.

January - March

Puffin (Reception Class) staff visit Abbotskerswell Pre-school throughout the spring term. Pre-school bring the children for a visit to play in the Puffin classroom.

April - May

Puffin staff visit Abbotskerswell Pre-School and also some of the children who attend other pre-schools.


Parents are invited to attend a transition information evening. Parents and children are also invited to a picnic at school before transition sessions begin. Abbotskerswell Pre-school attend our sports day and Puffin staff meet with the team to transfer children's records. Visits to all other children at the various pre-schools are completed.


All new children attend 3 morning sessions in the Puffin class with their new classmates.


On the first few days the children will stay for just the morning session. Then towards the end of the week they stay up until lunchtime. The children become full time at the start of the second week.